Ben Venue Laboratories Bedford, OH Aseptic Pharmaceuticals Aseptic Facility Commissioning
Ben Venue Laboratories Bedford, OH Aseptic Pharmaceuticals Aseptic Process Remediation
Ben Venue Laboratories Bedford, OH Aseptic Pharmaceuticals Training and Vendor Audit
Abbott Labs Des Plains, Il Biotech Environmental Monitoring Program
Biomatrix Labs Ridgefield, NJ Biotech SOP preparation/Equipment Qualification
Genzyme Allston, MA Biotech Facility/Process Review/Remediation
Mederex Aberdeen, NJ Biotech Cleaning Validation Remediation
Merck & Co West Point, PA Biotech GMP review
Progenics New York Biotech Facility/Equipment Qualification
Novo Nordisk Denmark Biotech Validation Master Plan/ Project Guide
New York City Blood Center NY, NY Blood Products PAI Guidance/Process Validation Program
Moore Tech Industries Union, NJ Chemical Validation Master Plan/GMP Audit
PICC Germany Chemical GMP Audit
Schering Plough Manati, PR Finished Pharmaceuticals Facility Qualification Remediation
Schering Plough Kenilworth, NJ Finished Pharmaceuticals Laboratory/Computer Validation Review
Dr. Esteves Laboratories Barcelona, Spain Generic Pharmaceuticals GMP Audit
Elan Labs Georga Generic Pharmaceuticals Validation Audit and Consent Decree
Esco Labs Singapore Generic Pharmaceuticals Computer Validation Advisor
Esprit New York Generic Pharmaceuticals Vendor Audit
Momenta Labs Cambridge, MA Generic Pharmaceuticals Mock PAI Audit
Nabi Rockville, MD Generic Pharmaceuticals Computer System Validation
Outska Pharmaceuticals Japan Generic Pharmaceuticals Validation Master Plan/Project Oversight
DPT Laboratories Lakewood, NJ Liquids, Creams, Ointment- Contract Mfg Contract Validation Manger
Accupac Pennsilvania Packaging Water System Qualification
Boehringer Ingelheim Ridgefield, CT Pilot Plant Facility/Equipment Qualification
Roche Nutley, NJ Solid Does/Aseptic Pharmaceuticals Process Validation Review
Glaxo SmithKlein Cidra, PR Solid Oral Does Pharmaceuticals Investigation Audit/Remediation
Novartis Suffern, NY Solid Oral Does Pharmaceuticals High Speed Packaging Line Qualification
Wyeth Labs New York Vaccine Process Validation Audit